Digital PR and link friendly twitter tools

One of our customers refers to Search Engine Optimisation as Digital PR – which is a nice spin on it. I heard that the PR industry used to have books of ‘experts’, places where journalists could find people for comment. And along those lines there are now a few digital PR resources around the web […]

Facebook as Nightclub

It’s not a new analogy, but it should assist in understanding social networks, as to whether they are an opportunity, or not. When I last went to a nightclub, I didn’t expect to form any lasting relationships. Historically speaking, giving no details, there may have been existing acquaintances or friendships that might have been enhanced, and a deal or two […]

CEO condones facebook use for staff

Encouraging your employees to use Facebook? That’s bucking the trend wouldn’t you say? It is being reported that up to 70% of UK’s employers are banning access according to the linked article. In that context, there is a great interview from the CEO horse’s (Jeremy Burton of Serena) mouth, over at the ‘For Immediate Release’ podcast site. […]

Don’t get Linked In? I do now.

I posted a video around the public safety of facebook a few days ago, and I’m still not convinced that donating your information to that particular medium is beneficial. Linked In is also fairly new to me, although now I think probably it’s more mainstream than I originally gave it credit for - having been around before such things were […]