Digital PR and link friendly twitter tools

One of our customers refers to Search Engine Optimisation as Digital PR – which is a nice spin on it.

I heard that the PR industry used to have books of ‘experts’, places where journalists could find people for comment. And along those lines there are now a few digital PR resources around the web – the really interesting thing is they list your domain as part of their service. Now that’s a very SEO friendly thing to do.

It seems only fair to give these services a plug here, not that I have ulterior motives for doing so…. you can’t hear me, but I’m whistling innocently with my white hat on. But maybe there is an advantage to linking to the profiles.


This is a kind of expert discovery tool, to help promote yourself as an expert.

The lambert mug


A yellow pages for Twitter people

twellow profile


A list of twitterers in your own area

matt lambert twitterholic profile

There may be a legitimate reason for posting lots of images with dodgy pictures of one’s face, (or perhaps that should be pictures of one’s dodgy face) but it’s not a comfortable thing.

So I’ll stop there for now, but I’ll post some more another time.

PS: For the purists, I’m not too concerned which of these profile links are nofollows, I just like the brand and domain listings.

PPS: Be sociably careful out there

Facebook as Nightclub

It’s not a new analogy, but it should assist in understanding social networks, as to whether they are an opportunity, or not.

When I last went to a nightclub, I didn’t expect to form any lasting relationships.

Historically speaking, giving no details, there may have been existing acquaintances or friendships that might have been enhanced, and a deal or two may have been sealed. However, I never expected to come home with any sales leads for the business ready for Monday morning.

If your company specialises in things useful at a nightclub – alcohol, music, kebabs, etc then it stands to reason you need to be all over that network, making yourself look remarkable.

Actually, any consumer business might reasonably benefit if they’re remarkable enough.

I did a quick search to see if anyone else had made the facebook nightclub analogy – and of course, it’s been done rather well

Giles Bowkett says that “the cool place to be” changes and is naturally cyclical.

The google search showed a Jaiku comment – saying that facebook tags and installs tracking devices on the people showing up to its ‘nightclub’.

(I didn’t know Jaiku comments showed up in searches..I wonder if that is common knowledge)

Om Malik got this months ago, as per usual.

I suppose that it’s ironic that one of the businesses that stands to do well out of facebook is nightclubs.

CEO condones facebook use for staff

Encouraging your employees to use Facebook?

That’s bucking the trend wouldn’t you say? It is being reported that up to 70% of UK’s employers are banning access according to the linked article.

In that context, there is a great interview from the CEO horse’s (Jeremy Burton of Serena) mouth, over at the ‘For Immediate Release’ podcast site. When getting to the site, scroll to the player for 16th November. (24 mins)

 At ‘face value’ (sorry) it sounds like a very ‘new age’ ‘new media’ thing to do, but actually, the interview does enable Jeremy to put things very succinctly, articulately even, and it does make sense.


The situation first came about by banning emails on a Friday, a practice I haven’t experienced personally, but applaud none the less. And having banned (internal?) email, staff found a way around it and thus, experiencing a richer form of communication and relationship bulding, the ‘missing link’ was discovered by all.

It’s no suprise that almost anything enables better relationships and conversation than does email, but I still have this feeling that Facebook is merely a signpost, rather than an eventual destination. This year’s Second Life, if you will.

The vital question of things for me, ‘Personal versus Business communications’ was discussed briefly, but despite the answer “that it gave the CEO something to talk to the despatch guy in the lift about”, I don’t think that this subject has been put to bed yet.

Have a listen though, a few decent pointers to be had

Serena looks like an interesting company. Mashups are this year’s workflow?

Don’t get Linked In? I do now.

I posted a video around the public safety of facebook a few days ago, and I’m still not convinced that donating your information to that particular medium is beneficial.

Linked In is also fairly new to me, although now I think probably it’s more mainstream than I originally gave it credit for – having been around before such things were referred to as ‘social networks’.

Incidentally, a colleague told me he treated it as a rainy day thing, so that struck a chord. Thus, I was willing to put a little more effort in – being much more acceptable to me than that facebook for business purposes.

The thought of any future employer or customer being able to search through fluff, stuff and nonsense just makes me want to keep my private networks private, and my business networks businessy.

However – this interview post, a 15 mins thing with one of the most active users – 4200 contacts, was an eye-opener this evening.

I can see this stuff is still in its infancy, but I ‘get it’ better now. Many thanks Chip.

Any other Linked In stories will find me listening?