What should you blog about?

After we’ve explained the reasons for using blog technlogy, far too numerous to mention again here, customers tend to call us with a blank sheet of paper after the first few coffees are long gone. The best advice we can give is to go read something. Preferably something related to what you do of course, […]

Bloggers vs Blaggers

Blog technology has huge business benefits, but the best in business say it’s about more than that. In the last few days, several people, in quite different industries told me they felt integrity was crucial to their business. Pointedly, they also said they were competing with people without. Underneath I’m not sure they really believe […]

Blogs are like presentations, wheres the conversation?

As yet another social network buzz is starting to die down….. A recap on ‘what’s happened so far’ Various forms of electronic communication have been invented. The key aspect to all of them. Asynchronous. We only have one piece of attention to give at any one moment, and so, asynchronous technology gives us massive productivity […]

Story telling as marketing, blog it

‘Online Marketing’ as it is quaintly called, is probably the least expensive communication on a ‘one to many basis’ available. So, does your business really need more of a shopfront, or perhaps a press marketing campaign with a freephone number and a new callcentre, or maybe ‘Online Marketing’ is a better place to put your budget. It could be […]