Digital PR and link friendly twitter tools

One of our customers refers to Search Engine Optimisation as Digital PR – which is a nice spin on it.

I heard that the PR industry used to have books of ‘experts’, places where journalists could find people for comment. And along those lines there are now a few digital PR resources around the web – the really interesting thing is they list your domain as part of their service. Now that’s a very SEO friendly thing to do.

It seems only fair to give these services a plug here, not that I have ulterior motives for doing so…. you can’t hear me, but I’m whistling innocently with my white hat on. But maybe there is an advantage to linking to the profiles.


This is a kind of expert discovery tool, to help promote yourself as an expert.

The lambert mug


A yellow pages for Twitter people

twellow profile


A list of twitterers in your own area

matt lambert twitterholic profile

There may be a legitimate reason for posting lots of images with dodgy pictures of one’s face, (or perhaps that should be pictures of one’s dodgy face) but it’s not a comfortable thing.

So I’ll stop there for now, but I’ll post some more another time.

PS: For the purists, I’m not too concerned which of these profile links are nofollows, I just like the brand and domain listings.

PPS: Be sociably careful out there

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