Facebook as Nightclub

It’s not a new analogy, but it should assist in understanding social networks, as to whether they are an opportunity, or not.

When I last went to a nightclub, I didn’t expect to form any lasting relationships.

Historically speaking, giving no details, there may have been existing acquaintances or friendships that might have been enhanced, and a deal or two may have been sealed. However, I never expected to come home with any sales leads for the business ready for Monday morning.

If your company specialises in things useful at a nightclub – alcohol, music, kebabs, etc then it stands to reason you need to be all over that network, making yourself look remarkable.

Actually, any consumer business might reasonably benefit if they’re remarkable enough.

I did a quick search to see if anyone else had made the facebook nightclub analogy – and of course, it’s been done rather well

Giles Bowkett says that “the cool place to be” changes and is naturally cyclical.

The google search showed a Jaiku comment – saying that facebook tags and installs tracking devices on the people showing up to its ‘nightclub’.

(I didn’t know Jaiku comments showed up in searches..I wonder if that is common knowledge)

Om Malik got this months ago, as per usual.

I suppose that it’s ironic that one of the businesses that stands to do well out of facebook is nightclubs.

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