The cookie law is a monster

Most people have heard of a new law involving website cookies. But if you haven’t, I hope you don’t have to be too concerned by it. We’re keeping a lookout and will let you know.

The “idea” is good, as it covers tracking people who go onto websites. And we agree that tracking visitors who have been personally identified should require their permission, that’s obvious to everyone.

Permission from anonymous visitors?

But getting permission from people who we don’t know, is not practical, and if anything, we think it will be more irritating to keep asking them.

How do you keep a track of the people who have asked not to be tracked?

Could you imagine someone measuring footfall through a shopping centre getting written permission from each shopper?

I only came in for a sandwich..

Would it be like getting written permission from everyone who wanders past a CCTV camera.

Question: Is this cookie law consistent with CCTV laws, we wouldn’t have thought so. We’ll ask an expert in cctv…our friend David at Demux who provides cctv analysis services.

A lot of companies seem to be adopting a wait and see attitude – including 95% of the top uk 100 websites from what we can see.

Having said that:

The law is clear, it does actually want us to get permission to set a cookie.

The thing is, if people say no, then we have to set a cookie.¬†And if we can’t do that, then it looks like we’d have to ask them, not only every time they came back to the site, but also every page they visit. Too extreme, perhaps.

Our Solutions

1. We do have a privacy policy on each customer website now – even if you can’t see it.

(1.b We’re just enabling it by linking to it from the footers to comply with the spirit and letter of the law)

2. The cookie plugin on this site seems to work fine – with a few adjustments it will become legal.

3. Move country

Because as every company in this country ‘may be’ at a commercial disadvantage if they implement, we hope it changes soon.

The internet is a small world.

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