Content Marketing and context

I asked someone recently whether radio advertising works for Dentists

She said – ‘it depends on what you say‘.

Content Marketing

Is a phrase that seems to be all around right now. Is it not a bit like saying that speaking is a good idea?

speaking is a good idea

But effectiveness depends on what you say, to whom, and when.

The right thing in the right place at the right time

Our belief is that content marketing should help bring interested people down ‘the funnel’, as well as meeting your other goals.

A new prospect might enter the process anywhere along the following path, but it tends to be that the those visitors most likely to act will arrive directly on the solution and product pages.¬†They’re closer to making a decision (more on this on our search strategy pages).

Social media (networking content)

>> Promotes

Blog pages (marketing content)

>> Promotes

Solution pages (pre-sales content)

>> Promotes

Product pages (sales content)

We see content put in the wrong place – and if sales content is absent, it is likely to render the other content completely ineffectual.

And – if you have a blog that isn’t on your website. Start again.

The Content Marketing wagon

There are marketing focussed digital companies – which world is about brand, social media and seems to be more top of funnel.

Then there’s us, sales focussed digital – which is about the leads and how to explain the proposition to visitors for the right decisions. We care about conversion rates and how to get more out of the money we’re spending (yes, it’s a good idea to spend some).

(apologies for the bias).

digital sales conversations – plus – digital marketing conversations.

What I am learning, is that whenever there seems to be a choice Рthere is usually a good case to be made for having both. Eventually, both approaches working together for the greater good.

We’re game if you are.

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