The Impact of Conversion Rate

This little demo shows how improving the conversion rate by small amounts can make a big difference.

Little figures have a big impact

What’s the difference between 1 percent and 2 percent conversion rate?

The impact

  1. Writing lots of weak content can still lose you money, however much you write
  2. Worse, getting orders is seductive. Losing money slowly is a hard thing to kick, but if we can just improve that conversion rate we’ll be ok.

How do we improve the conversion rate?

There are several different things that have a conversion rate, the Keywords, the Advertising and the Page itself. They can all be measured separately.

  1. Split and measure the traffic in smaller keyword groups, a lot of analytic packages don’t make it clear that short keywords are averages of thousands of keywords
  2. Match the page to the visitor need
  3. Cater for different types of visitors
  4. Answer more of their questions Рdo let us know if you have any

Notes: The small print

  1. SEO visitors do cost money, be it contractors or time involved, or in content. In new marketing, you pay in one way or another for people’s attention.
  2. Some keywords never convert, and some keywords always convert, many are in between
  3. This ignores the lifetime value of the customer. It may be a viable strategy to lose money on the first deal (I can’t believe we just said that, but it’s true!)

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