Website Branding

When looking at replacing a website, a lot of time is spent trying to understand why the current design doesn’t ‘feel right’ and what needs to happen for the new site.

Without a doubt, there is nothing that focusses a ‘brand conversation’ than planning a new website.

The following sums up our approach to what can be a very long conversation. It may help to navigate your way through to a conclusion

Brand Matters

It is a very important part of a company’s development to get the brand look and feel right on the website. It matters as much internally, as externally, and we have felt the effect many times. No matter how many people have said “we don’t really care”, it turns out they really do.

  • The website experience will signal to visitors ‘what it will be like’ dealing with your organisation.
  • The look and feel sums up how you feel about yourselves
  • The pride you get from when it works, really adds to the confidence of everyone involved
  • More people contribute to a well thought out website, internally and externally

What we know is, people are not happy until it ‘feels’ right. It is important.

How to create your brand

When we work out how we would like to be perceived, by our prospects, customers and staff, then delivering the right look and feel is much easier.

Brand Marketing:

Choose the type of company that customers want you to be

Decide what company you want to be in two years time and put that vision forward to prospects, customers and staff and then try to live up to it. It is about leading the way.

Consistency of message:

The golden thread

The brand message should carry all the solutions, services and products, with a consistency that lets everyone ‘know what you’re about’, whichever way you go about doing it. Fulfilling with products and services is but a mere consequence of your desire to fix ‘that thing’ for people. It allows you to make multiple offers without losing focus.

It is a ‘high level’ way of telling people ‘why you do what you do’.

And people don’t buy ‘what’ you do, they buy into why you do it…

To follow our own example, the golden thread for Conversationware is “lead enquiry and new business generation in the most cost effective way”. The products and services happen to be web marketing campaigns, websites that work and search marketing strategy.

Think future

It’s less competitive

When the conversation is about ‘what is possible’, rather than ‘what is right now’ it has the happy knack of persuading people to buy into what you’re doing – because you’re already where they are trying to go.

Talking about what your organisation is today lets too many other people compete

The Persona

what type of people are you?

From an outsider’s perspective, I believe that many organisations should position themselves as ‘likeable experts’.

Content marketing has the happy benefit of attracting visitors from Google, and then persuading them of the existence of expertise when they get there.

The best business you can get is from people who like you and then try and place as much business through the company as they can. Be easy to talk to, easy to do business with and easy to recommend.

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