Low Cost Of Ownership

WordPress is more than a piece of software, it delivers a complete web marketing environment.

The long term value of WordPress

We have used WordPress for our websites since 2007, and there is no doubt in our minds the huge value that we, and our customers, get from using it.

User Simplicity

One of the most valuable aspects of this platform is in making complex task very simple for new users to understand.

Less skills are required to achieve great things

Indeed, a basic install is extremely effective in making content accessible to search engines in itself.

A single platform for website and blog

WordPress is one of the few systems that delivers the complete package.

There is a learning overhead for people, which can be made worse when managing a separate blog and website system. A single system does mean ease of use, and things do actually happen quicker.

No Developer Lock In

But beyond making advanced functionality simple , it is the size of the marketplace, and the level of competition within it that keeps costs low. A superb economy of scale.

Simple economics says that developing for the many is far less expensive than developing for the few.

One company simply cannot do it all, and are doomed to failure if they try. Using a content management system from a single developer means

  1. limited functionality,
  2. low flexibility
  3. corresponding high cost of ownership

The risk is higher if you can’t go elsewhere for new functionality and alternative support.

WordPress is the world’s most prevalent content management system with 25 million users. With software, there is safety in numbers.

Great Design

Just in case, it might be necessary to say there are no limitations in design when using WordPress. Anything is possible, however wise it may be to do it.

Design separation from content

In the old days, designers would style the content on every page. These days, with database driven websites like WordPress, the design is overlaid.

The MOST important part of this is that as new content is added, the design is built in to the new pages. We do everything we can to make this easy for the user, including using the Genesis Framework, which makes it easy for users to choose different website layouts for each page, without having to ask for support.

Continuous design refresh

Websites are never finished. The need to keep design fresh as the content grows has certainly been true of most of our customers.

WordPress uses standard CSS to maintain separation of design, which makes updates and refreshes a cinch – no having to re-enter content and hack about with html.

  • Change the font of every piece of the text on the website? Click, done.
  • Change any of the colours? Click, done.
  • Want a complete new design without spending days moving the content, done

Choose WordPress and you’ll never change again.You’ll evolve.

The drop in the cost is very important, any friction in changing and things just ‘stop’.

Bespoke Design is good, bespoke functionality is bad

Having the brand drive a distinct look and feel in design is essential, but bespoke development is bad for a business website.

It sounds attractive to have something built just for you. But ongoing changes to functionality are expensive if you can persuade the developer to get round to doing it.

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