Revisiting Display Advertising

Remarketing is a form of exceptionally targeted display advertising, in that it is only shown to previous visitors to a website. Its very effective, but difficult to prove. Is it possible that Display Advertising could get interesting too? I’ve been casting eyes in that direction. Here’s the skinny Essentially, display advertising produces searches, as well […]

The most efficient business process on the planet

Can we afford not to make business communications more efficient and effective? I believe Web Writing to be the most underrated business process there is. Where does that come from? Before they invented the Internet, I grew my love of communications software in the telecoms industry. It started with some newfangled feature called ISDN (what […]

Google gets an upgrade

It was inevitable Google would develop a god complex, as a lot of searches that people use will address the engine as the ‘all knowing’. How do I, where can I find a…and now Google is trying to be more omnipotent and answer those questions. The Search Engine has introduced a new version (hummingbird) to […]

Investing in Keywords

Expending resources into a website is an investment of our time and money, at the expense of whatever else we could be doing. If we are going to get the best possible returns then it wouldn’t hurt for us marketers to know a little bit about investing. This could be your chance, if you’re free […]

How to Structure a Blog Post

Some posts attract thousands of visits over the years, so any of the small tweaks below can pay off handsomely. It’s easy to forget, so I’ll be bookmarking this post myself as a checklist! The number one goal for our blogs posts should be clarity. So read things out loud, leave several hours before posting […]

Digital PR and link friendly twitter tools

One of our customers refers to Search Engine Optimisation as Digital PR – which is a nice spin on it. I heard that the PR industry used to have books of ‘experts’, places where journalists could find people for comment. And along those lines there are now a few digital PR resources around the web […]

Digital Marketing versus Internet Marketing

Google Insights is no more. Long live Google Trends. Insights was a great service that lets you check out how many people are looking for ‘x’ compared to ‘y’. It has merged, new and improved with Google Trends, so we have a superb tool to find out what might win at the oscars (a google […]

Hiding in plain site

How successful a website is in generating enquiries at an affordable rate, is rarely something you can just ‘tell’ by looking. Our instinct isn’t always our friend. A great comment on our last post reminded me that ‘congruence’ is a very necessary part of the thinking. The fact is, that the worst looking website  in our […]