Vertical & niche Markets

Niche Audiences Served by Conversationware Ltd.

We think clients should be able to serve a new segment or niche audience without limiting themselves. The whole point of a website is that it serves multiple interests concurrently. Write things down, see if it works, organise and make things easy to find.

Your website is a story that develops over time, and it should support you wherever your journey is taking you. Writing for specific audiences and testing your proposition can build new business streams that sustain you for years. We can turn testing new markets into a process.

The brand develops around what works best.

Construction and Property Industries

Infrequent purchases are common in property-related industries. Search works very well for infrequent buyers.

Property Industries

Accounting and Finance Industries

The infrequent and high value would describe many financial services. Search marketing works well.

Accounting Industries

Training, Career Development and Recruitment Industries

Infrequent decisions and high value would describe our client offers in the following sectors.

Recruitment Industries

Multi Niche

Unlike most forms of marketing, search and the website are uniquely placed to serve those multiple audiences and markets. Messaging, positioning and content can be tailored on different pages to serve your overall audience better. They may already be there; they just don’t yet have the messaging that hits home with them.

For existing sites, the first task will be to see who is on your website already.

Then, we design websites to serve multiple audiences and topics. It is one of our core beliefs in improving performance—tailored customer experience for website visitors.

  • By understanding niches in your search audiences, you automatically improve your marketing.
  • Instead of generic messaging, create tailored conversations.
  • Have your website ‘ask’ who they are and what they want.
  • If we can find both demand and an audience for your target topics, that IS marketing.
Search vs Social

Both B2B and B2C

Whether search works or not as a channel for new business depends very much on whether people are looking. But it’s better than choosing a niche full of people who are not ready to buy. It’s a curious balance with many variables, so marketing advice is always specific to just one company.

Search can work across B2B or B2C, but equally, it might not. We work hard to figure out viability before we start. The higher the value, the more infrequent the need the more likely Search will be a viable channel for you. If it is already working, we can usually make it work better.

Market Niches that support all 3 digital activities for new business, Search, Social and Partnering, are the most productive.


If you can’t reach your target audience, does it even exist? Let us look at Search Audiences to give you the best indication of a real, viable marketplace to be tested.

Business to Business (B2B)

Niche Targeting for B2B companies can include Industry, Role and Location-based audiences.

Business to Business (B2B) Marketing

Business to Consumer (B2C)

Search projects for B2C can often be locally based but with increasing numbers of virtual services.

Business to Company (B2C) Marketing