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Forget the Funnel with Google Ads

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Skip the traditional marketing funnels when you are using targeted phrases. Bring in ready buyers with Google Adwords PPC marketing.

Get Straight to the bottom of the funnel with the right keywords

To get started, test the low volume specific keywords and get better value.

Conversion rate is like interest on your money

Top of the funnel are traditionally less than 1% whilst the keywords at the bottom often convert at 20%, or more.

If you were going to choose an interest rate for your money, which would it be?

The top of the funnel is a bit slow

With traditional marketing, it is normal that prospects enter the funnel at the top, become aware but not engaged, and then progress over time, slowly getting to know the solutions to their problems.

Adwords allows you to target your digital advertising for people who are ready right now.

Target the bottom of the funnel first

The sales funnel is upside down on purpose. Starting with awareness and ending up with a deal is the old way.

Starting with your best prospects and working outwards is a new way, at least it is for us here in digital marketing land (Milton Keynes).

People looking for products, solutions and suppliers

These Searchers have intent, and when they are searching for specific locations,

These people, are ready to do business.

The bottom is fabulously short term

Turn the budget around quickly, spend, close, deliver and receive the funds back with profits, quickly! It means that the same budget can be re-invested multiple times more per year for compound returns.

So, widening the search, so to speak, further up the funnel, can result in potentially less bang for your buck. Ultimately, you’ll want both, but when starting out, with a small marketing budget, make the most of opportunities that convert quickly, so you can re-invest the profits.

So important for small budgets

Small budgets demand a quick turn around in new prospects.

Spending money on advertising to people who are not ready yet – is a complete waste – waiting six months for deals is not acceptable. Overheads cost and we need to be busy quickly.

The bottom line

If the bottom of the funnel isn’t working properly, then we need to fix that first.

Start at the bottom and work up

Otherwise, when attracting people at the top of the funnel, they will slowly make their way to the wrong decision. It actually means spending less at the beginning.

Prove the concept of being able to convert someone you know is already interested.

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