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Converting website visitor interest into new business conversations is what we do.

It happens when SEO, PPC, content and website performance are all dedicated to the visitor experience.

  • Search visitors are always looking to make decisions (their intent is decision-making)
  • The types of search words are crucial in each case below, the Keyword Recipes
  • Websites are always successful when content design matches the click

Types of Search By Project

Dental: Winning Smiles

Revenue went from 150k to £2.5m. Eventually, they sold the business for a high multiple.

  • topic hubs
  • provider + location,
  • service + location,
  • solutions

Signage: TLC Signs

Fun with flags, it was a national project for ‘the physical type’ of banners. The business was acquired in 2016.

  • products + industry

Automotive: Maverick Technology

An early success, the vehicle diagnostics distributor company went on to be acquired

  • audience hubs
  • product + brand
  • provider + solution

Legal Firm: Garner & Hancock

Our client bought in as a partner, bought it outright and then sold it again. £1.5M turnover.

  • topic hubs
  • provider + location
  • provider + topic

Luxury Kitchens: Kitchensmart

Tripled turnover. The local factor is completely dominant here.

  • single topic
  • provider + location
  • product + location

Recruitment Agency: Harvey Thomas

Went from the outbound sales team to inbound leads, our first vertical industry multiple niches.

  • provider + industry + role
  • provider + role + location

Business Finance: Nationwide Finance

Exclusively B2B. From 3,500 leads per month to 7,000 with the same click budget.

  • product + niche category

Online Care Courses: Grey Matter Learning

B2B. From zero to 1,000 leads (contact details) monthly at the high point. The company sold within 2 years.

  • industry hubs
  • role hubs
  • product + type
  • product + role
  • product + industry

Glass Production: CN Glass

Instantly doubled leads with design and navigation (third-party client), high-value products and services.

  • product hubs
  • product + provider
  • provider + location

Electric Car Chargers: Chargemaster

Doubled the leads and then doubled them again within 6-8 months. The company sold to BP.

  • brand hubs
  • provider + product
  • product + brand

These have been the standout projects for various learnings about ‘words that work’.

None of these projects would have been possible without a great underlying client business, and the people who run them deserve all the credit. We just helped.

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