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If marketing isn’t generating leads then it’s not working.

For more on how we think about the many aspects of our work, then here’s our web marketing manifesto.

Just by writing things down on a website, you can generate new business. The stuff in people’s heads that makes what a company ‘knows’ important, it should be shared more often and earlier.

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Web lead generation is the point

The sales process is changing and whilst keeping hold of knowledge used to be a differentiator, in a world where everything can be found, with or without you, that know-how needs to be used to make your company discoverable.

Because Google does what it does supremely well, if you do produce something of value, they’ll find more ‘other people’ to share it with and send them to you. Now that’s interesting, and achievable.

Its relevant.

To turn that interest into business, there are many words that fit the profile, but we believe we need to convey the kind of morals, ethics and standards that people will warm to. Work hard, spend wisely, and avoid risky shortcuts.

Have a plan. Execute the plan. Measure results. Repeat.

Where to start

Our companies need to strive for higher standards of performance and accountability, our ambition is to bring a continuous process of improvement to the business of marketing.

But if you want to strike keyword oil, then perhaps you might need some keyword geologists… Knowing where to drill can be enormously helpful.

The best time to do Keyword Research is before you build a website

Conversationware is a company at the intersection of marketing and communications technology. Web based applications are delivering us levels of search, collaboration and notification that weren’t available but only a couple of years ago. There is a fundamental shift in the way that people and companies will approach communication, and productivity.

Our proposition is that marketing, as the most important of all communication, is one of the last traditional areas of business standing. These new technologies will continue to disrupt and renew and provide new opportunities.

Conversation is Free

It’s in our DNA


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