Frameworks for Success

Know what works

Marketing and Web Analysis is the fundamental platform for growth in web marketing projects. If you don’t measure, then you can’t improve.

On the other hand, you can’t measure what isn’t working already.

We walk through a discovery process with you, with all our previous knowledge of what worked elsewhere. The most important thing is to know where to start. We furnish you with where that might be, and why.

Once you know where the leads are coming from

The converting keywords and pages highlight what we do next.

The path becomes clear.

Do better on what is working

When you find traces of oil, drill down.

Increasing leads from a successful page or a keyword is much easier than starting from scratch. You delve into website content development, build in more related keywords to get more visitor traffic, and persuade more people to take action.

Increase the number of visitors, and increase the conversion rate. Repeat. The more we learn about the audience and their buying decisions, the better we will make things work. It’s an upward spiral.

It’s often a bigger oil strike than you think at first.

Track back to the source

Forms, Calls and Web Chat

We’re not simply counting the number of leads for the sake of knowing. The difference in performance between campaigns can be large, and being able to save money on expensive campaigns and route the budget to better-performing campaigns is a constant process. It helps prioritise work that has an impact.

Call Tracking

Our professional services clients receive more phone calls than forms. Calls are their best leads. The technology pinpoints the source when people call.

Choose which clicks to measure

The most important click is the first one. It has the biggest influence on the second click. When searching for needles, Google gives us more haystacks.

Click To Revenue

Some leads might well be cheap for a reason. It’s important to track which leads are not working and switch them off, or you can waste time on spurious leads. When is a lead just a question?