helping people make decisions

Service Propositions

Service proposition and content development is the highest value activity in any web marketing project. A great (value) proposition can drive amazing website performance.

Website visitors are on-site to decide

A proposition is described as why certain audiences should choose your service. And, it’s perfect timing because that is why people clicked, to find out.

But that is only one part of the decision journey. There are more decisions before they reach that point – the proposition needs to go wider and deeper than you think.

  • Why they should be interested in doing something in the first place,
  • How to decide the problems are worth solving
  • How they choose between different solutions.

There are a bunch of different content to match different decisions, as you can see below

Something for the journey

Commonly disguised as ‘writing content’, building the proposition is more than that. This truly is a sales-orientated conversation in the heads of your website visitors. They have a fairly well-defined journey in decision-making. We give you that to work with.

They might be at an earlier stage in their research than if you were talking face to face, but after the click, they want to know what you have; they are willing to follow through digitally, anonymously.

They want to know what you are going to say before picking up the phone.

What do you get from us?

Sometimes all it takes to start winning is to be there when people are looking for a service provider. Other times, there is a lot of competition, and we need to work on differentiating.

We help you understand the difference.

Explaining value

It might feel that you have nothing unique, but the uniqueness is often in the under-served audiences you uncover and the questions they ask. The specific industry, roles and locations combined in niches reduce competition.

We bring experimentation and insight to the process. We understand the words people use and which ones are commercially interesting. We shine a light on how to compete on the web and give confidence in the path from where you are now.

We draw out your expertise and ask you searching questions.

A discovery process for what website content to produce


Clarity on what ‘visitors’ are looking for

We seek out winning combinations of viable audiences to match your proposition. It always amazes with how specific people are with their searches.


Advice on what to say, in what order, to whom and when

Our clients are almost always dedicated and insightful in their profession without ever quite realising their potential. With a little inspiration and creativity, it’s exciting to get some traction.

Its easier when you know who you’re talking to

Understanding audiences is the key to a great proposition; we specialise in helping you see past the words they are using to what they are really interested in and the clues to who they are.

Why should you spend time on messaging?

All web marketing aims to persuade website visitors to take action. In fact, all marketing activity is to bring people to moments like these, to consider your pitch, and have them be moved by it.

They will generally be on your website at the time. Once they are a customer, they’ll generally never come back. It’s what websites are for.

Belief and confidence flow from seeing it written down.

Everyone can always better explain the value they bring, even if the business is already working. In fact, the exercise itself makes you better at what you do.

When you get the true value and can explain it better, then your business improves.

It is sometimes hard to see it in yourself

When you are too close to your subject, you are too expert, and the words get harder.

Why not talk to us? We can sense what is most interesting about what you are saying. Capture that, put some emphasis on clarity, and when it works, it is so motivating and rewarding.

The smallest ideas count for a lot.

The advantages of powerful propositions


More new business, sometimes a lot more

People check you out. The only reason people come to your website is to make decisions. Your proposition helps them.

It’s fair to say that everything else you do to attract new business could be wasted without a value proposition on your website that delivers new business opportunities in critical moments.

A higher return on investment enables reinvestment and compound growth. Conversion rate is a powerful thing.


Warmer prospects

Visitors get a sense of what it might be like to deal with you – on purpose; you are de-risking the conversation. Cover things off in the content, and more people will pick up the phone.

When it all goes well, as soon as your new prospect realises you are exactly the way they expected, they will relax.

They come pre-educated to what you might say and enjoy having you confirm their expectations. The best outcome is that it feels like visitors know you already, with genuine warmth.

Website Copy

It makes your other content work better

Refining the proposition pages will make all other areas of marketing work significantly better, too, because more people will end up here.

The gift that keeps on giving – it lasts years

A higher return on investment enables reinvestment and compound growth. Conversion rate is a powerful thing.

Coupled with the automated nature of the search ‘engine’ landing clicks on website content you wrote years ago, delivering more leads, it’s a modern miracle.

Why work with us?

We are a sales and marketing company that happens to build websites. Leads, sales and return on investment drive everything we do.

We have insights into your keyword markets.

Knowing what to do, what to say and when comes from search keyword audience insights, they make content more effective. We are driven to explain why visitors should do business with you. Our very existence as a company relies on it. Establishing viability is a constant for us.

Our sense of appreciation for salesmanship and desire for success is coupled with a highly developed commercial insight into how visitors use websites.

Many clients doubted they would ever get a lead before working with us. It feels like a huge task when instead, it’s just about knowing what to do next.

Performance websites

Start Here

We help you develop the proposition, and test it with searchers ready to buy. It will power all your other marketing efforts before you waste money attracting clicks that don’t convert at the crucial moment.

We need to be clear

Cover the unspoken questions and objections and address fears to serve those most valuable visitors who arrive directly to the page from Google, ready to buy.

We don’t charge unless we are convinced it is going to work. The conversation is free. We look for successful projects that are consistently helpful but won’t engage unless we are both committed and comfortable with the way forward.

We have favourite niches but are wise enough to know that we can deliver huge value to existing projects. The door is never closed.

What questions should we be answering?

The pitch. The proposition template, the reasons people might do business with us. Add to that the hidden reasons why they won’t.

Fear is the greatest preventer of action. Fear of the unknown, fear of wasting time and money, of feeling foolish, of having to say no – all these can be countered with the decision-level content on your website.


What is it they will get from us?

Experience, expertise, and confidence from dealing with people who have created successful digital marketing projects before. This is a process towards finding out what works before committing; we share the patterns of what worked before.


Why should they buy it?

The competence to help know what isn’t working. We might not be the best at everything, but we know what works. The potential for a continuous stream of opportunity is worth chasing after. There is beauty in the same content that works on new people, again and again.


What advantages or benefits are there? (as opposed to… doing it another way)

We argue that the website is where people come when they want to decide whether to work with you. This happens regardless of the channel they found you on. The logic in making that content work for search as well as other channels is that it increases your surface area for that content. It pays for itself.


Why should they buy it from us? (as opposed to ….. ‘the competition’)

This is a good question. The answer might be that knowing why things work, gives us more opportunity to find the answers quickly. We guarantee not to engage you in busy work.


What happens if they do nothing? Why is it important to act sooner?

We argue that taking action and getting feedback with more data is sometimes quicker than trying to decide what’s right before doing it. Our most successful clients have often been action orientated, with some urgency infused into the process. Let’s do something and generate momentum and enthusiasm.


What might it cost (from)?

The smaller the project, the slower it goes, and the more value we can bring. Our smallest projects have been from a £350 retainer and about £3,000 for a perfect starter website that will serve you and your content for the next five years. We always aim to cost you way less than you make; it’s the point of marketing.


How can we reduce risks for their decisions?

Quite often, if things are not working out, we pause and give things a chance to start working. The long-term future is more important than the short-term; we don’t just get you clicks and leave you to it – we are aware of our impact on the budget. Our clients trust us, and they stick around for a long time.


Cover off potential objections. Nip them in the bud.

Blank sheets of paper are never easy. Most of the time, people don’t start a project because they think they cannot do their part, which is fair. The pain associated with quality content production is often to blame. People can’t agree on what it means.

It helps to have a framework, to respond to what visitors are looking for, and even better when the profile of search audiences shows you what they are trying to do.


Explain how we do business, so they can start to imagine making a start

Keyword research is one thing; keyword analysis is quite another. We’ll look at what you have going for you and suggest the next step based on what the audiences tell us. It really is one small step after the other.

We’d tell people what to do (next)

Drop us a note, and we’ll walk through a short analysis. Hopefully, our approach to web marketing will make perfect sense to you.

Most people tell us they have learned something when we explore the opportunities.

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Call To Action

Most websites miss the opportunity to make the case when visitors want them to. The truth is, within the billions of google searches, there are hundreds of different interests to serve and dozens of propositions to make. There is unlimited potential to improve.

We need to tell people what to do

Tell people to do something and there is more chance they’ll be thinking about doing it when

Bonus points if you tell them why they should do it.