More data means better decisions

Call Tracking

Call Tracking Software can be a secret weapon in web marketing. The basic idea is that If you can’t see what’s working, you can’t do more of it.

Making the phone ring is our goal; we need to track what makes that happen. Calls are the most valuable enquiries, so we can’t lose that data.

The recipe for web marketing success in many businesses is to know exactly where your leads are coming from, and what they cost. It tells you what you need to pay attention to next. Seeing the patterns of success early means our projects are more profitable, and quicker.

The most valuable converting keywords are often lower volume. They are like pearls in oysters, we can’t see them at first. To maximise the market share of those pearls; is t build long-term value, especially when the competition can’t see what we see.

Measuring Converting Keywords is crucial to the success of the project

Without measuring the true cost of ads, you might switch off profitable clicks. You might not get crucial marketing share

Competitive advantage over rival bidders

If you know that leads are half the cost and competitors don’t, then you can bid higher and get more market share of the leads. If you can see which SEO is working, you can focus better.

Get that data quickly and save money sooner

Getting data at twice the speech means quicker decisions. Save waste twice as fast and make better decisions.

Keyword patterns

Measuring Keywords is critical

The keyword insights gained have been incredibly useful in mapping a model of web marketing success.

Knowing which keywords convert is a guide

Because we have done dozens of projects in many industries, we know what works and what to start with. Similar patterns exist across client projects, and we waste very little these days. But every project is individual.

This information guides individual projects. We focus on content production around those specific pages and messages that produce new business and improve performance.

Profitability relies on not wasting money on the clicks that don’t convert.

What if you were able to buy stock market shares that only went up and increased in value? Words that produce enquiries are consistent; they can be worked on to improve the pitch and performance.

Make quicker decisions

The most profitable clicks come in small volumes. The smaller your project, the longer it will take to get enough data on each keyword; it could take months.

You need to get as much data as soon as you can, switch off waste sooner, and bid up sooner. Time kills marketing projects.

The numbers matter

What does market share mean?

The market share of the top ad position can be up to 30%; being 4th position might get you 5-7% of clicks for what might be incredibly valuable keywords.

Bidding high can be very profitable indeed. Bid up to the number one Ad position, and get more high-value keywords. But only possible if you know the value in the first place.

Does it matter?

The numbers are not intuitive. Very similar-looking keywords produce vastly different results.

  • The highest-converting keywords can be between 20 and 30%.
  • High-converting keywords are often low volume, but there are many of them
  • Information keywords convert at 0.1% or lower

Knowing makes all the difference

Competitive Advantage of Data: Example

  • You spend £100 and get four leads;
    • you know leads are £25 each (1 form and three calls)
    • Your competitor spends £100 and thinks they got one lead which looks like £100 each.
  • You bid higher than they can for super-converting, highly profitable words
  • Because you know what those words are!

The confidence you need to bid higher than your competitors for the same keyword relies on the tracking – they will give up before we do.

Particularly for very low-volume keyword projects, you need as much market share of those profitable keywords as you can.

We will beat anyone who is using organic SEO only, with more revenue and profitability from the same traffic overall.

Website Software

How Call Tracking Works

The mechanics are not immediately obvious, and it’s clever.

  • The software installs a simple snippet of code on the website.
  • It finds all the instances of your existing static number on the website
  • Every new visitor sees one of the tracked numbers instead.
  • That number is unique to that visitor, and we connect their browser to it
  • If someone rings a tracked number, it’s linked to the visit, and we see the campaign data
  • The source of the click, whether Google or Facebook, the campaign and landing page
  • That is fed into analytics, so we see the source of the marketing that worked
  • We can do more of that which works

Because the specific number is given to the specific visitor, it is tracked to the visitor when that number is dialled. The call-tracking software links the visitor to the source of the visit.

Calls are posted into Analytics and Ads platforms as goals.

We can see the true cost per lead for each campaign. We spend more on what is profitable, improve the content, and cut what isn’t working. It’s a big part of the process of building a profitable set of campaigns over time.

Life is easier when the phone rings every day.