Search Marketing Article

Forget the Funnel with Google Ads

  • Matt Lambert
  • May 21, 2019

If people are looking for what you do, Google Search Ads is a great way to tap into that existing demand. The speed of response is its greatest benefit.

Get Straight to the bottom of the funnel with the right keywords


Test the website early

Ads are a great way to get started and test your offer, with people ready to do business. It’s a great feeling when the phone starts to ring.

Conversion rate is like interest on your money

It’s all in the keywords that people use to Search. There is a pattern.

People at the beginning of their research use general and unspecific words. Informational search clicks will convert into forms or call enquiries at less than 1% .

The conversion rate for people lower in the funnel can be closer to 20%

People looking for products, solutions and suppliers

These Searchers have intent and are ready to do business. They consistently use words that we can classify as ‘commercially interesting’. These can be very profitable clicks.

The bottom of the funnel is much faster

This diagram shows the basic ‘journey’ that people go through when researching a buying decision. They make multiple searchers, and their words change as they go along.

The speed at which leads arrive is the greatest benefit of late stage clicks.

Because there are fewer clicks, the ad campaigns can go nice and slow. We don’t risk the budget and can prove the principle before investing.

Starting with your best prospects, testing the proposition and then working to improve the response. This can be a rewarding process.

Ads are fabulously short-term.

If you receive short-term new business, then the marketing budget goes further.

Very often, the budget can be reinvested multiple times throughout the year. It should be a profitable exercise, and proven quickly.

Start at the bottom and work up

Prove the concept of being able to convert someone you know is already interested. It’s the best way to get confidence in web marketing as a potential source of new business for you.